Re: [mediacapture-output] Selecting audio output in case device info permission is not granted (#83)

Adding a prompt might be be difficult to implement, in particular the message to convey to users.
If we keep the idea of relying on IDs and setSinkId, there are a few possibilities that are worth to explore:
- Some devices are already known to the web page. Exposing these devices is then probably fine. A phone usually has an ear-piece speaker and a loud speaker. They could be exposed as is and/or represented as specific deviceId values.
- Some applications do not want to pick a specific device but a specific behaviour. For instance, some applications are phone-like applications and want to pick the most suitable speaker available for that purpose, be it the earpiece speaker, a BT headset... This could be expressed in different ways. One possibility would be to define specific deviceId values.
- Some applications want to allow the user to select a specific device in their UI. We could define an API that triggers a device picker, similarly to screen capture that allows a user to select a specific screen/window. This is also done this way in Safari to select AirPlay devices. The user selects a specific device and the corresponding deviceId is exposed to the web page.

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