Re: [mediacapture-record] Add replaceTrack method to MediaStream (#167)

@guest271314 I get a feeling that there are multiple discussions going on in parallel, can we separate these discussions (e.g. into separate issues or a bullet point list of the different problems) so that the discussions are easier to follow?
- Bugs: If there are bugs in browsers that causes crashes or unexpected output, fixing those bugs is up to each browser implementation and not something new APIs should enable you to "work around".
- Interoperability: If there are ambiguities in the spec that allows different implementations to behave observably different causing interoperability problems, the spec needs to be clarified and the implementations updated to match.
- New features: Explanation of the bahavior proposed to be supported and a discussion about how to achieve this.

I am operating under the assumption that this is a feature request to allow changing out which audio track or video track (or both) the recorder should gather samples from, and to be able to do this in a seamless fashion (e.g. no glitches). **Is this correct?**

I think "how to handle resolution changing" (whether it changed due to remote tracks having varying resolutions or due to replaceStream() or similar APIs) should be discussed separately. We could fail or we could resize or whatever.

You also mentioned recording when the set of tracks is different in the new stream. This would be a separate use case than wanting to achieve "replaceTrack", but an API like this would achieve that too since the application can generate "silent" tracks.

As for order of tracks being unspecified and what happens if you try to record something with multiple audio or multiple video tracks: I think this should be clarified separately as well, I find the spec very unclear about this.

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