Re: [webrtc-pc] Inconsistent setting of receiver.track.readyState violates Mediacapture (#1575)

The remaining issue in required a PR, so I added one.

With this merged, we'll have the following spec behavior (with a running loop as starting point):

Method | Event fired on `pc2.getTransceivers()[0].receiver.track`
------------ | -------------
pc1.close() | `mute`¹
pc1.getTransceivers()[0].stop() | `mute`¹, followed by `ended` on renegotiation
pc2.close() | `ended` (this PR
pc2.getTransceivers()[0].stop() | `ended`
pc1.getTransceivers()[0].sender.track .stop() | ²
pc2.getTransceivers()[0].receiver.track .stop() |

<sub>1. Chrome and [Firefox]( have bugs where they don't fire `mute` on receiving RTCP BYE, which the spec says they must.</sub>
<sub>2. [Chrome]( has a bug here where it fires `mute` when it shouldn't.

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