Re: [mediacapture-main] non-applicable constraints must be ignored for remote tracks (#619)

This was [recently]( clarified by [this note]( *"The constraints specified in this specification apply only to instances of MediaStreamTrack generated by getUserMedia(), unless stated otherwise in other specifications."*

For example, [mediacapture-screen-share]( specifies the constrainable properties of tracks from `getDisplayMedia()`, and [how]( to implement them.

In other words, it is up to webrtc-pc to specify what constraints remote tracks have. This is being discussed in

> should we just ignore such members as latency or echoCancellation on remote audio tracks

FWIW, about those members specifically, [webrtc-pc]( already says: *"This means that certain members, such as facingMode, echoCancellation, latency, deviceId and groupId, will always be missing."*

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