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Re: [webrtc-pc] Order of multiple RTCDataChannel.send calls in case of blobs (#2215)

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Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2019 07:41:04 +0000
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To preserve order at Firefox `async/await` and `arrayBuffer()` of `Blob` can also be used 

async function sendData()
  log("Sending data of size 4");
  channel1.send(await new Blob(['blob']));

  log("Sending data of size 8");
  channel1.send(new ArrayBuffer(8));

See this [answer](https://stackoverflow.com/a/56419176) at [Where is Blob binary data stored?](https://stackoverflow.com/q/38239361)

> Blobs represent a bunch of data that could live anywhere. The [File API specification](https://www.w3.org/TR/FileAPI/) intentionally does not offer any synchronous way of reading a Blob's contents.

Given there is an expectation of order relevant to WebRTC specification the capability to set the input/output order of `MediaStreamTrack`s in a `MediaStream` (potentially recorded by `MediaRecorder` and output as a media file) should also be specified. 

Why should not order be considered important for all `MediaStream`s and data channels where the underlying source of the implemenation is WebRTC specification?

If order is important for data channel order must also be important for `MediaStreamTrack`s added to a `MediaStream`. 

At least in this case using an a single constructor or `async/await` and a single method of `Blob` can be applied to achieve the expected result rather than parsing files which have arbitrary track order set not inconsistently with the specification https://github.com/pthatcherg/web-codecs/issues/11#issuecomment-527698222.

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