Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Screenshot (still image) capability (#107)

@jordanaustin The user is technically sharing one frame of a media stream of their screen. The developer can suggest that to capture the contents of the HTML `document` loaded in a `window` to select "Chrome tab". If the element to be captured is the first child of `document.body` the `scrollTo()` call will not be necessary, as the element should be positioned at `top:0` and `left:0`, which can also be achieved by using `document.body.insertAdjacentElement("afterbegin", element)`.

> Asking a user to share a stream of your screen could be very scary to a user that's just clicked a button to capture a screenshot. But asking for permission to capture a screenshot when the user clicks that same button is far less scary IMO.

What is the difference between capturing a single screen shot (one image captured from a `MediaStreamTrack`) and capturing multiple screen shots (more than one image being captured from a `MediaStreamTrack`)?

> The whole goal for this request isn't to find a work-around that developers need to implement in order to inform their users how to use the this feature. Rather my goal is to have targeted browser UI that matches the action the user is trying to perform.

Reliance on specification authors to compose code implemented and shipped in browsers to the exact requirement that is specified in a filed issue might not ever occur, or be implemented differently than expected. The developer can describe the procedure to the user, in detail, including how to navigate the screen capture current UI. Would suggest to create the UI to the specifications mentioned, without waiting on a specification author or authors to write language which will translate into exact implementations at browsers. If the UI is already designed, then there is less room for confusion as to what the complete UI should be displayed as, and what should occur before and after the single image is captured.

Does the solution to this issue also include the video `MediaStreamTrack` being captured and stopped internally in the browser at the first frame (e.g., see Or, will the developer code still call `getDisplayMedia()` and `MediaStreamTrack.stop()` when the screen shot is taken?

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