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== Should the permissions UI be the first captured frame? ==
Relevant specification sections

> [8. Security and Permissions](https://w3c.github.io/mediacapture-screen-share/#security-and-permissions)
> Display capture that includes browser windows, particularly those that are under any form of control by the application, risks violation of these basic security protections. This risk is not entirely contained to browser windows, since control channels between browser applications and other applications, depending on the operating system. The key consideration is whether the captured display surface could be somehow induced to present information that would otherwise be secret from the application that is receiving the resulting media.

> [8.1 Capturing Logical or Visible Display Surfaces](https://w3c.github.io/mediacapture-screen-share/#capturing-logical-or-visible-display-surfaces)
> Capture of logical display surfaces causes there to be a potential for content to be shared that a user is not made aware of. A logical display surface might render information that a user did not intend to expose. This can be more easily recognized if this information is visible. Such means are likely ineffectual against a machine, but a human recipient is less able to process content that appears only briefly.
> Information that is not currently rendered to the screen SHOULD be obscured in captures unless the application has been specifically authorized to access that content (this might require elevated permissions).
> How obscured areas of the logical display surface are captured to produce a visible display surface capture MAY vary. Some applications, like presentation software, benefit from having obscured portions of the screen render the image that appeared prior to being obscured. Freezing images can cause visual artifacts for changing content, or hide the fact that content is being obscured. Note that frozen portions of a capture can be incorrectly perceived as a bug. Alternatively, obscured areas might be replaced with content that marks them as being obscured, such as a grey color or hatching.

Should the permissions UI where the user selects the screen, application or tab to be captured be the first captured frame if permission is granted to share the screen?

plnkr https://run.plnkr.co/preview/cjw8nj6cv00043n67mdqj2ae4/


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