Re: [mediacapture-main] Clarification needed on HTMLMediaElement attributes that carry over (#599)

> But what should be returned the third time?

`0.5`, because [html]( says *"on getting it must return the last value it was set to, ..."*, which was `0.5`.

[Mediacapture]( says: *"On setting: ignored. On getting: return 1.0"*. It doesn't say *"set [state] to 1"*.

This might have been clearer had the HTML spec used internal slots, but I think the principle still holds, that mediacapture does not say to alter any (internal and implicit) state.

So as soon as the element is no longer associated with a stream, we should revert to html.

Now, it continues: *"Therefore, this attribute MUST always have the value 1.0 and any attempt to alter it MUST be ignored. Note that this also means that the ratechange event will not fire."* - but taken together, this appears to be talking about the "attribute" as an API, i.e. net-JS-observable requirements.

That's my reading of the current language, but I agree could be clearer. Thoughts?

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