Re: [mediacapture-fromelement] Is mute event expected to be dispatched at MediaStreamTrack when enabled is set to false? (#80)

@Pehrsons Do not get that from the specification 

> A muted track will however, regardless of the enabled state, render silence and blackness. A disabled track is logically equivalent to a muted track, from a consumer point of view.

> Enabled/disabled on the other hand is available to the application to control (and observe) via the enabled attribute. The result for the consumer is the same in the sense that whenever MediaStreamTrack is muted or disabled (or both) the consumer gets zero-information-content, which means silence for audio and black frames for video. In other words, media from the source only flows when a MediaStreamTrack object is both unmuted and enabled. For example, a video element sourced by a muted or disabled MediaStreamTrack (contained in a MediaStream ), is playing but rendering blackness.

Is your interpretation of the specification that setting `enabled` to false should not directly initiate any event being dispatched; specifically the `mute` event? 

If that is the case then what is the purpose of the `enabled` attribute? 

And further, if the `MediaStreamTrack` is neither `muted` nor `ended` when `src` of a `<video>` element changes or when `enabled` is set to `false` then `MediaRecorder` should not stop recording.

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