Re: [mediacapture-fromelement] MediaStreamTrack does not dispatch "ended" event at Chromium when src of HTMLMediaElement is changed, Firefox does dispatch "ended" event; which implementation is correct? (#78)

This issue and the muted attribute issue are completely different.
The ended attribute referred to here is part of HTML media element, so I think mediacapture-main shouldn't override the element definition.

Issue #583 is about attributes with the same name but on different types and I don't see why they should match, especially when a media element can have a mediastream with multiple tracks, some muted and some not muted.

Anyway, I think we should close this bug since the question was which implementation is correct and the answer is that the Firefox implementation matches the spec and Chrome's implementation doesn't. Concerns about the HTML ended attribute can be discussed in other bugs such as #536 and others linked from there.

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Received on Thursday, 9 May 2019 20:30:22 UTC