Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Provide a means to select only part of a screen to capture (#105)

> Firefox includes `viewportOffsetX` and `viewportOffsetY`

These are non-spec and should be removed. They originate from a browser-tab sharing experiment Firefox had behind a pref years ago, and worked solely with `applyConstraints` to move which area of a web page (specifically) to capture, independent of end-user scrolling. The idea was to let a viewer, using a data channel, scroll independently from the presenter, with the obvious privacy implications that follow. We have no current plans to revive this effort.

In short, they weren't general purpose pixel croppers, which I agree with @youennf belongs elsewhere.

> Is there a specification which clearly indicates which constraints are capable of being applied to a MediaStreamTrack

Track constraints are source-specific. If the specification of a source does not mention a constraint, then it is not supported for tracks from that source. is hoping to clarify this.

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