Re: [mediacapture-main] ResizeMode (crop-and-scale) is underspecified (#584)

@henbos Yes, that's what I expected, and complies with my "more modes" reading of the [spec](

*"The user agent MAY use cropping and downscaling to offer* ***more resolution choices than this camera naturally produces***. *The reported sequence MUST list all the means the UA may employ to* ***derive resolution choices for this camera."***

In other words, the purpose is to simulate camera modes. Since I've never seen a camera naturally emit a track containing black bars, I would not expect that output.

I was even going to say that I thought black bars go against the "don't invent pixels" rule we have, but then I couldn't find such a rule. Turns out we only have it in [WebRTC]( *"The media MUST NOT be upscaled to create fake data that did not occur in the input source"*.

An oversight? I kinda think that's implied. Do we want to add language to make this clearer?

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