Re: [mediacapture-image] Transferable? (#211)

> ImageCapture gives you an encoded image (probably a JPEG). It's optimized for still image capture.

@alvestrand, `ImageCapture.grabFrame` is, AFAIK, not optimized for still image capture.

> What are you trying to accomplish, and can it be described as an use case in webrtc-nv-use-cases?

I've had a use-case for many years of doing various detections from webcam video data (barcode detection, a lightweight neural network, etc). They require getting an `ImageData` for a webcam video frame, which `ImageCapture` now provides an efficient way of doing via `ImageCapture.grabFrame`. I also need the ability to control the camera (focus, zoom, pan and tilt), which `ImageCapture` also provides.

Looking at your link, the closest would probably be:

   N18             The application must be able to obtain raw media
                   from the capture device in desired formats.

However that may not be entirely true - I don't want true raw media, as then I'd have to deal with the various formats a webcam stream can be. At the end of the day I want an `ImageData` since it's a consistent format, and can easily be provided to any library expecting image data.

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