Re: [webrtc-pc] restartIce(): Look at only ufrag or (ufrag,pwd)? (#2229)

[section 5.9]( says: *"Or, if the ICE ufrag and password values have changed, trigger the ICE agent to start an ICE restart"*

English is imprecise, but I think had the intent been to not trigger unless *both* values have changed, then it would have said so: E.g. *"if the ICE ufrag and password values have both changed"*

This is also SLD, where it would be hard to not have both values change when they change.

I'd put more stock in 5.10 (SRD) where it needs to consider invalid inputs. Thus I'd interpret the intent here to be to trigger if the values *as a group* have changed, meaning *either or both* of the values have changed.

It also makes more sense to me that way. If we don't restart when ice-pwd changes, we would need to figure out what should happen then.

Adding a PR.

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Received on Wednesday, 17 July 2019 01:29:36 UTC