Re: [mediacapture-main] fixed, per origin, device ID creates tracking risk (#607)

> #598 seems to have concluded that no change is needed, and I don't see anything in the spec at all about double keying anything. "the spec is not forbidding [the fix] but is not enforcing it either" is not a solution to the problem introduced by the spec :)

I am supportive of fixing this issue as well.
This should be done for all data types (IDB, service workers...).
If device IDs are partitioned but not IDB for instance, the tracking is still possible and this might also disrupt apps.

Ideally, there would be somewhere a spec describing how to do partitioning.
Then this spec would just refer to it for deviceIds.
Some work is being done in the fetch spec with regards to HTTP cache partitioning.

> I don't understanding how #549 mitigates tracking. Would you mind explaining further?

It helps mitigating the issue, it does not solve it.
With #549, a typical third party iframe will get an empty list of devices when calling enumerateDevices.
Only iframes which are allowed by the top level origin to capture through feature policy should be able to get a non empty list of devices.

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