Re: [webrtc-pc] Should we remove getDefaultIceServers? (#2023)

FWIW I like the idea of having a flag you can set when creating an `RTCPeerConnection` (or anytime STUN/TURN servers come into play) that indicates "also allow any default servers to be used".

In fact, I would expand that from being a pure binary, to include the following options using an `enum`:

* Don't use browser's default ICE servers
* Prefer browser's default ICE servers, if any
* Prefer the servers specified in the configuration; use the browser's default ICE servers as fallbacks
* Use only the browser's default ICE servers

This gives tons of flexibility and should not be hard to implement. It also lets browsers choose whether or not to support default ICE servers, whether or not to include any automatically, whether or not to allow them to be user-configured, whether or not to allow them to be set by an enterprise policy, etc. And it does so without exposing those servers' identities to the client through a method like `getDefaultIceServers()`, which I would then remove.

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