Re: [mediacapture-record] Input width, height MUST be recorded and playable (#172)

@Pehrsons The Status `RESOLVED WONTFIX` at Webm support for h.264 codec is a clear indication that Mozilla appears to be reluctant to add support for container other than WebM and codecs other than VP8 and Opus (save for Ogg). If the codecs for `MediaRecorder` are or were intended to be fixed, static, then VP9 should not be supported either. *oogle Chrome and Chromium currently DO support `video/webm;codecs=h264`,  `video/webm;codecs=avc1`,  `video/x-matroska;codecs=h264` and  `video/x-matroska;codecs=avc1`, in spite of any purported limitation of the codecs that WebM was intended to support.

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