Re: [webrtc-pc] Need something such as rtpSender.reset() (#2087)

@aboba I don't think that is an elegant approach nor even a workaround. Take into account that some settings such as `rid` are read-only (or just writable once, the first time). Just because I want to reuse a transceiver (to keep my SDP from growing) it should NOT mean that I have to reuse previous `rid` values, neither it should mean that I have to manually "reset" all possible encoding values to whichever values they have by default (`dtx`, `maxBitrate`, `maxFramerate`, `scaleResolutionBy`, etc etc etc). It's a no sense.

> The problem is that the number of simulcast streams is negotiated in Offer/Answer, so can't be changed without negotiation

I didn't know that `rid` values can not change during a renegotiation. Ok, I give up. "Don't fight the SDP". I'll do as I already do: create a new transceiver for sending a new video even if the previous video was already closed/stopped.

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