Re: [webrtc-pc] (How) does SCTP handle CPU-bound congestion on JavaScript thread? (#2086)

> let's put it in a different view. Taking into account just one single datachannel will the proposed solution solve the issue?

No, not with the message-based API that we have. My second example in (2 MiB message, 1 MiB receive buffer) would still apply for just a single channel.

> Also, does the problem about multichannel buffering still exist without taking into account the event loop queueing issue?

Yes. We can pause receiving on the whole association (read: all streams simultaneously) which lets the flow control kick in. We cannot selectively pause receiving on individual streams. It's either receiving data on all streams or (eventually) receiving no data.

> you may have a solution for not problems simultaneously, but it also requires a change in w3c apis and ietf specs.

Yeah, there's no easy fix. It's just how it is. :woman_shrugging: @jan-ivar and I briefly touched this topic as part of the streams extension. My idea to ~~solve~~ work around this goes into the direction of kindly asking the sender to pause/continue sending data on a particular stream by using a special PPID.

> To solve this issue we only need one line in the spec without api change.

Unfortunately not.

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