Re: [mediacapture-main] Should we allow empty string device IDs? (#551)

> But, since device IDs would be persistent and exposed, the web page could easily retrieve device labels by storing them during the first visit and pairing them with device IDs on second visit.

The web page could likewise store the entire list of deviceIds and labels from the first visit for use on subsequent visits—Most users don't change their device setup too often.

We can compare exposure to what is already possible with IDB (cookies/localStorage/IDB):
 1.  nothing from enumerateDevices(), relying solely on IDB: all devices and labels from last time.
 2. deviceIds from enumerateDevices() vs from IDB: + number of a/v devices added/removed since.
 3. labels from enumerateDevices() vs from IDB: + names of new devices previously unknown.

(3) exposes actual new information.
(2) is the net privacy trade-off the spec has made, in the interest of aiding repeat visitors.

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Received on Friday, 18 January 2019 23:42:15 UTC