Re: [webrtc-pc] Obtain user consent for one-way media and data use cases (#2012)

> Does it mean that Safari is not supported at all? Do you fallback on Web Socket? What about TURN, too slow, too costly?

No, AFAIK Safari works fine as long as they're not in the same building, though I know there are many more issues happening than I'm hearing about. My problems with TURN or Web Socket relay, are: 
- it slows everything down (how daft is it to have to go via San Francisco to a Safari user in the same room as you in London?)
- it goes against my 'world's best privacy policy', which includes that none of their work goes through my server. Did I mention writers are paranoid?
- yeah, it ups the demands on my server and wallet. It also doesn't scale (he said, optimistically).
I may well have to offer it as an option, but I really don't want to, and as I said before everyone I've dealt with so far emails back saying "Working great now with Chrome, so no worries."

Currently for me, considering the savvy-ness of my users, the permission+scary-red-camera-icon is a bad enough situation I'm not even going to try to cope with it until it's better, it's just not worth it. My app not working right for some people in some situations is a smaller problem than ever raising people's suspicions about the trustworthiness of the whole app.

> It would be great if you are in a position to share connection success stats.

I'll be gathering stats, but I was in a mad panic getting the system working in time for Google's withdrawal of the Realtime API on which it was running before, so at the moment the only thing I see is how many scripts are being actively edited. It's likely 90% are _not_ being edited collaboratively at any given moment - in those cases the only load is a Web Socket connection for presence etc. 

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