Re: [webrtc-pc] Obtain user consent for one-way media and data use cases (#2012)

So here is a practical example I'm hitting:
We allow a user to 'lend' access to a resource. This is done by the 'lender' establishing Data Channels with the device and the borrower. The borrower then sends credentials to the resource _via_ the lender - the resource accepts them because of their provenance. 

We initiate (and validate) this transaction with a QR code shown on the lender's browser. The borrower scans it and uses the info to open a Data Channel to the lender.

What we are seeing is that the Data Channel path is different if the borrower uses the native camera app as a QR code reader vs when they use a javascript one built into the web page which uses GUM and asks for permissions. 

This means we have to encourage users to avoid the much better native QR code reader - which makes me sad.

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