Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Specify track.label (#128)

Neither does `contentHint`, but lets focus on screen-capture, which is where this issue is filed (if we want to question the whole model, I suggest we file a new issue on mediacapture-main).

For better or worse, Mediacapture-main _does_ define `track.label`, which is useful for tracks backed by user selection, like here. Thus, this spec (screen-capture) needs to define how to handle it, returning `""` at minimum.

I'd like to do better. I think it would be useful to return the (already visible part of the) name of a window being shared, if a window is being shared. I see no localization issue here, since the goal is to enforce what the user chose in the selector, where the same window titles were not localized.

>  If my website user wants a 'French' version, I would like to provide it, even if the OS is English based.

The user agent is already free to show a french picker with 'Ecran principal', so provided `track.label` matches that, I don't see a localization issue.

The primary goal is to show the user what they chose. If this seems redundant in the typical case, imagine an app juggling multiple shares at once. How is a user supposed to remember which is which? Previews of screen-capture often look alike unless they're big, and not all apps can afford big previews in their design.

Even with a single share, I think we're assuming too much about how apps work today. Imagine an app that holds on to my window share, using `track.enabled = false`, takes me through an unrelated task, and brings me back 5 minutes later. Will I remember what I was sharing (what I picked >5 minutes ago)? Is there anything the site could do to remind me, short of screen-scaping the title or showing me a giant preview?

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Received on Monday, 30 December 2019 16:26:27 UTC