Re: [mediacapture-main] Support capturing audio output from sound card (#629)

Am perfoming due diligence before writing TTS/SST for the web platform from scratch where the technology and infrastructure already exists within the body of Media Capture and Streams, to avoid repeating what is already technically possible, where all that is really needed at this point relevant to capturing audio output under the umbrella of this specification, is the acknowledgement that that behaviour is already technically possible. Once that acknowledgment is made, then the canonical algorithm to do so can be incorporated into the specification officially. Have listed compelling use cases for the subject matter of TTS/SST though audio capture is not limited to those use cases alone. How user utilize the functionality, once unequivocally specified, is up to them. It does not appear to be a difficult task to simply amend the specification to acknowledge what is already possible, even if those possible outputs were/are unintended, and make sure that an algorithm is clearly defined to guide in the implementation of the edge cases, if you will, or unintended consequences of the power of this API to be useful in more than only the perhaps limited intent conceived by the original authors of the technical document. It is mathematically impossible to conceive of _**all**_ of the possible use cases from _**within**_ the official body, hierarchial structure, or any variance of a system itself, no matter to field or domain of human activity. Though try to avoid citing secondary sources, in this case Wikipedia provides concise synposis of the indisputable mathematical fact demonstrated by Kurt Gödel's [Incompleteness Theorm]( (On Formally Undecidable Propositions of "Principia Mathematica" and Related Systems, 1931)

> 1. If a (logical or axiomatic formal) system is consistent, it cannot be complete.
> 2. The consistency of axioms cannot be proved within their own system.

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