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> "That case" being the special "Monitor" audio input device in Firefox on Linux? Sure.

Technically, that case is also possible at Chromium on Linux following the procedure described at once. 

Can use `getDisplayMedia()` and `MediaRecorder()` to record the input and output at Firefox and Chromium to demonstrate the functionality is already possible at each implementation, though underspecified at this specification nonetheless.

Your reply appears to indicate that users in the field should abandon all hope of this specification making it clear that capturing audio output is possible per the specification even though the functionality is already possible in the field, given adequate experimentation and testing with an end to achieve that goal.

Given the inclusion of the term `"audiooutput"` in the specification, it is reasonable to expect audio output to be able to be captured per this specification.

Am banned from W3C indefinitely and from WICG for 1,000 years so am not able to propose a specification under the auspices of those entities to unequivocally capture audio output. 

This specification provides the infrastructure to do so, yet for the reasons you are relying on, are essentially stating to **abandon all hope** of this specification being amended to reflect the state of the art in the field, rather that this specification has implicit foundational restrictions forbidding such functionality (direct, unambiguous capture of audio output devices) which prevent extensibility with regard to capturing audio output; can you kindly state the above or similar language specifically?

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