Re: [mediacapture-main] Clarify getUserMedia({audio:{deviceId:{exact:<audiooutput_device>}}}) in this specification mandates capability to capture of audio output device - not exclusively microphone input device (#650)

@guidou Did not write the code the implemented the methods. Assigned self the requirement to capture and record the output of `speechSynthesis.speak()` while not recording microphone. Achieved the requirement using the code at this issue. At the front end the observable result is microphone is not recorded, output to "speakers or headphones" is recorded. Therefore, by some means attributable to or derived from this specification, whether labeled "input" or "output", it is technically the output that Firefox outputs is possible at Chromium. This issue merely asks for clarification in the specification and implementations that is possible. 

How do you explain the output at Firefox for the code, unless it is possible to isolate capture of "speakers or headphones" per this specification?

If isolated selection and capture of "speakers and headphones" is _not_ intended whatsover, why are those terms in the specification? And why is that specific output observable? Am merely asking to take account of what is possible in the field, clarify that output is possible, whether the term of art used is "input" or "output", officially clarify that some combination of the methods defined in this specification does provides a means to capture exclusively "speakers or headphones", and provide the canonical procedure to do just that. Or, remove all references to "speakers or headphones" and "audiooutput | Represents an audio output device; for example a pair of headphones." from the specification, making it clear that this specification does not support that output. Why would that be the case? 

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Received on Wednesday, 11 December 2019 05:52:39 UTC