Re: [mediacapture-main] Clarify getUserMedia({audio:{deviceId:{exact:<audiooutput_device>}}}) in this specification mandates capability to capture of audio output device - not exclusively microphone input device (#650)

> @alvestrand
> > The only place in the specification set where capturing system audio output is referenced is in GetDisplayMedia.
> Are you actually saying that
> > `MediaDeviceKind` Enumeration description
> > `audiooutput` | Represents an audio output device; for example a pair of headphones.
> does not mean capturing audio output on its face?

Correct. It does not mean capturing audio output. It means playing audio, not capturing it.
Devices of audiooutput kind can be used with the setSinkId of media elements to set which audio device the element should use to play audio.

> How else is `"audiooutput"` and "Represents an audio output device; for example a pair of headphones" intended to be interpreted other than the capability to capture "audio output device" - "for example a pair of headphones"?
See above.

> Are you conveying that, in your opinion, `"audiooutput"` and "headphones" is really intended to mean "Microphone" and audio input?

No. It means audio output, not input.

Note also that input devices (audioinput and videoinput) returned by enumerateDevices are of type InputDeviceInfo, whereas output devices (audiooutput) are not.

I propose we close this issue since getUserMedia() is not intended to capture audio from devices marked as audiooutput by enumerateDevices() and I think there is no doubt about it.

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Received on Monday, 9 December 2019 14:26:57 UTC