Re: [webrtc-pc] Allow to import existing certificate (#2179)

Let's theorycraft for a bit: 4 users have public & private certs, ice username fragments, passwords, candidates.

user 1 connects the normal, handshake way to user 2 and then sends all of his info to user 2.
user 3 connects the normal handshake way to user 2 and then sends all of her info to user 2. User 2 says he knows user 1.
user 3 wants to connect to user 1 and starts the negotiation process with user 2.  User 2 uses everything received from user 1 then sends the sends the final connection information like the chosen candidate and whatever to user 1 to let them know user 3 is going to try to connect.
user 3 connects to user 1 and gets all of his information as well.
user 4 connects to user 3 normally and says they also want to connect to user 1.  Repeat.

so to reiterate:

user 1 -> user 2
user 3 - > user 2
user 3 -> user 2(1's creds) -> user 1
user 4 -> user 3
user 4 -> user 3(1's creds) -> user 1

I believe this is doable for native->native and brower->native connection attempts but not native->browser or browser->browser connection attempts.  Every connection is still one to one but we skip half of the relay and allow for a much quicker PEX lookup and dht process.  To be perfectly honest I wanted to go one step further and have a user sign for the remote user of the connection themselves locally and just try to connect with a single signal call.

I don't know if this qualifies as a hack but It seems fairly straight forward.  As for being persistent, that's fine.  We can remove them.  I doubt they change often enough to make this technique useless.

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Received on Wednesday, 24 April 2019 21:19:29 UTC