Re: [webrtc-pc] Allow to import existing certificate (#2179)

My aim was to make a new session with the stored cert and then sending the required information to the torrenting peer when we've already stored the rest of the information necessary to contact them.  With regard to torrenting these certs are superfluous.  All of the files are hashed, the pieces are hashed and the peers ip address and peer id is what is used to determine whether to ignore, ban, or put them on probation.  We can pass them around with reckless abandon and not give a hoot.  Encrypting in userspace works fine as well if we need to care about it.  But right now to get around this stupid handshake problem I have to pass around natively created certs to other native peers so they can just negotiate for the peer that a browser wants to connect to.

If the browser could do this as well via an extension then we get a lot more play for design.

Does this not make sense?  Have I forgotten some detail?

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Received on Wednesday, 24 April 2019 20:26:58 UTC