Re: [webrtc-pc] No procedure for the ICE failed state (#2004)

JSEP sec 5.11:

      *  If no valid SCTP association exists, prepare to initiate a SCTP
         association over the associated ICE component and DTLS
         connection, using the local SCTP port value from the local
         description, and the remote SCTP port value from the remote
         description, as described in [I-D.ietf-mmusic-sctp-sdp],
         Section 10.2.

Not sure the terminology applies 100% but I'm somewhat certain we can interpret the case that the SCTP association closed as *no SCTP association exists*.

Since all data channels are closed, I assume the application would have to create at least one new data channel because otherwise SCTP would not be negotiated for the ICE restart. So, yes, I think your assumption is correct.

But this brings us back to the original topic. I think we should clarify these things in an ICE failed procedure. This would define what should happen in such a case and thus automatically clarifies what should not happen (e.g. abort the SCTP association or close any data channels).

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