Re: [webrtc-stats] targetBitrate should not be "measured over 1 second window" (#423)

Quoting @vr000m from previous discussions:

> Split the discussion on 1-second window... (We are undoing #13). At the time we thought TIAS was needed for the bitrate definition and TIAS seemed appropriate and perhaps at the time, rates needed a window to be defined.
> This brings in if TIAS is really appropriate for target bitrate, since TIAS is the maximum session bitrate.
> > The Transport Independent Application Specific Maximum (TIAS)
> > bandwidth modifier has an integer bit-rate value in bits per second.
> > A fractional bandwidth value SHALL always be rounded up to the next
> > integer. The bandwidth value is the maximum needed by the
> > application (SDP session level) or media stream (SDP media level)
> > without counting IP or other transport layers like TCP or UDP.
> In this case, 1-second window is perhaps not needed because it is possible that the encoded may never achieve this rate. We should also point out that the target bit rate can change often, as often as generating a new frame or upon receiving a packet.

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