Re: [mediacapture-record] Proposal: Specify ability to pause and resume between adding and removing MediaStreamTracks to an active MediaStream (#147)

@yellowdoge cc @Pehrsons Re this issue and, one solution would be to provide an option, e.g., `{captureAsScreen:true}` else defaults to current implementation, at `HTMLMediaElement.captureStream()`, particularly `<video>` element media source and/or `MediaRecorder()` which would treat the `<video>` element as a _screen_ or _device_ in the same manner as 

`navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia({video}) // Chromium`


`navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({video: {mediaSource: "screen"})`

where the stream does not change state to `"inactive"` when the `src` property of the `<video>` is changed or the media resource has ended playback.



`new MediaRecorder(stream, {captureAsScreen:true})`.

Created a proof of concept for Chromium. Will dive into Mozilla Firefox version within a day or so.

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Received on Tuesday, 2 April 2019 14:55:00 UTC