Re: [webrtc-pc] Legacy getRemoteStreams() in Unified Plan

getRemoteStreams() is not in the spec but we should zoom out and look at the use case it highlights, and discuss whether or not there is a legitimate need to know which are the "active" receivers.

1. const offer = await caller.createOffer();
2. await caller.setLocalDescription(offer);
3. await callee.setRemoteDescription(offer);
4. const answer = await callee.createAnswer();
5. await callee.setLocalDescription(answer);
6. await caller.setRemoteDescription(answer);

"What are the active receivers?" was something the application used to be able to easily figure out at step 3 upon the promise resolving (in Chrome).
This question is now only easily answerable at step 5, half-way through the answer cycle, by looking at currentDirection.

With correct ontrack and onmute wiring the application can figure out which receivers are currently "active" (unless remote onmute can fire for other reasons?), but it's not as easy as "getReceivers() and look at direction/currentDirection".

So before we close this - from a usability and shimmability standpoint: Do we care?

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Received on Friday, 15 June 2018 07:13:09 UTC