Re: [webrtc-stats] When are "fractionLost", "packetsLost, " "jitter", and other RFC3550-based stats updated?

FWIW, Firefox implements live stats for all non-remote stats, from counters in our rtp stack. I believe did as well until around ~57, when we noticed some of the upstream bits we'd been relying on disappeared on us, and we had to work around it. Is that perhaps when Chrome broke?

@taylor-b I agree the spec language is problematic, and that we need to clarify it to be live.

E.g. [timestamp](

*"The timestamp, of type DOMHighResTimeStamp [HIGHRES-TIME], associated with this object. The time is relative to the UNIX epoch (Jan 1, 1970, UTC). For statistics that came from a remote source (e.g., from received RTCP packets), timestamp represents the time at which the information arrived at the local endpoint."*

It doesn't explicitly say what the timestamp represents in the non-remote case. It probably should (time of sampling?)

Also, the individual stats members of [RTCReceivedRTPStreamStats]( - like e.g. `packetsLost` - are reused in both [RTCInboundRTPStreamStats]( and [RTCRemoteInboundRTPStreamStats](, yet their prose seems to only cover use in the latter. Ditto for [RTCSentRTPStreamStats]( and its two derivatives. We should update that prose.

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