Re: [webrtc-pc] addTransceiver woes

My personal summary of all this is:
- The spec is pretty OK as is
- `replaceTrack` to go from a non existing track to start sending is OK (given it can be done without re-negotiation, which it likely can in almost all cases)
- Maybe the term `send` is a bit vague, and we should update (but it seems clear to me that we can have sendrecv/sendonly/recvonly transceivers even though no RTP is being sent for the moment)
- The default direction of a transceiver coming from `addTransceiver` is currently "sendrecv". There may be reasons for changing it. Here we have different options, we could have another default that is always used (like "inactive"), or we could have it depend on whether the first argument to `addTransceiver` is a track ("sendrecv") or kind ("recvonly").
- The mid question was answered in

What am I missing?

My personal favorite for default direction (if we decide we should change) is 'always set to "inactive"' since the app author would pretty immediately detect it does not work as intended and have to make a conscious choice. 

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Received on Thursday, 4 January 2018 13:15:18 UTC