Re: [webrtc-pc] "a=msid" line should contain sender/receiver IDs, not track IDs

I think we have a few options in this domain (track/sender/receiver id's):

1. leave things as they are (with `a=msid` used to carry the track `id` over to the track created at the remote side)
2. redefine so that the `id` of the remotely created track is generated there (i.e. no correlation with the sender at all). Not clear what we do about `a=msid`.
3. have the sender generate an `id` (readonly attribute on sender I presume), which is signaled with `a=msid`. I guess this is what is proposed by @henbos 
3.1 Is the same `id` is reflected on remote end receiver (readonly attribute)?
3.2 Is the same `id` is reflected on remote end track, or would that have a locally generated id?

Remember that `a=msid` also signals _MediaStream_ `id`, and I've not heard us discussing getting rid of that one. And, as pointed out, `mid` can also be used to correlate.

I'm somewhat afraid of what ramifications a change would have (thinking about JSEP, msid I-D).

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Received on Thursday, 4 January 2018 11:09:55 UTC