Re: [webrtc-pc] addTransceiver woes

> That is surprising.

Sure, though this is easily remedied by avoiding `addTrack`.

> does addTransceiver('audio') create a sendrecv offer? 

Yes, the [webidl]( `direction = "sendrecv";` makes it indistinguishable from
addTransceiver('audio', {direction: 'sendrecv'})

> With what track in the msid?

Random uuid. [Try it](

> what audio data is the sender sending after addTransceiver('audio')?

Nothing is sent, but the remote end gets a receiver with a silent muted track. Support:

*"If track is `null` then the RTCRtpSender does not send."*

*"Initialize track.muted to true."*

*"A muted or disabled MediaStreamTrack renders either silence (audio), black frames (video), or a zero-information-content equivalent."*

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