Re: [webrtc-stats] Add hugeFramesSent counter to RTCVideoSenderStats dictionary

@henbos, will make a PR one tomorrow. BTW, I can't add a branch to this repository, should I fork it then?

"average encoded frame size" is by definition <allocated bitrate>/<fps>. I.e if the encoder could magically produce all the frames of the same size, they all would be that size. The first frame will almost always be the huge frame, as it will be a key-frame and it will typically be quite large for any configured bitrate.

We don't have any counters to keep track of the average frame size. It's just the function of a bitrate (and fps). Resolution nor quality do not affect these calculations.

@alvestrand, We logged encoded frames sizes from internal webrtc testing tools, then chosen 2.5 as a reasonably above normal deviation in size, but less so all the slide changes in our testing were detected as an outliers. Unfortunately, I have no data to prove it now.

Again, there are no need to calculate average if it's defined as that it is: configured bitrate / configured fps.

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Received on Tuesday, 20 February 2018 17:18:54 UTC