Re: [webrtc-pc] pc.addTrack/removeTrack are confusing and mostly redundant. Mark as legacy?

Competing mental models are not a Bad thing, inherently.

Breaking users' deployed code is a Bad Thing, unconditionally.
We should only move to a new model when we can fully implement the old API in terms of the old one, so that users who depend on the old functionality know EXACTLY how to keep their own applications working. Exceptions should only be allowed when the benefit of hurting the edge case is *huge*.

"Don't work exactly the same in edge cases" translates to "breaks my app in surprising ways".

If we can define old APIs in terms of new APIs, to a very high degree of fidelity, I'm OK with doing so - it simplifies the overall implementation model.

But if we make things that used to work in real applications impossible to achieve in the name of "more elegant APIs", I believe we have left the path of wisdom.

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Received on Thursday, 1 February 2018 18:33:28 UTC