Re: [webrtc-stats] Adding "networkType" field to RTCIceCandidateStats.

My thinking about the beginning vs end was with extensibility, but when I think about it again, I realize that I was thinking C++ enums that map to numbers; WebIDL enums map to strings, so order really doesn't matter.

wrt partial enums, they don't seem to have made it into WebIDL so far. is a bug filed in 2014 about it.

wrt vpn: my thinking is that if we know something's going out over Ethernet, we should say so, even if it's vpn-encapsulated. But it makes sense to me to differentiate between "can't tell" and "can't tell because it's a VPN", so having a vpn member for the case where we can't tell what's the real interface makes sense.

(My thinking of usage of this enum is that it will be used for collecting stats on "what's the typical distribution of bandwidths when people have an Ethernet interface vs a WiFi interface" - VPN is more useful than "unknown", but less useful than the physical-interface distinction.)

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