Re: [webrtc-pc] RTCPriorityType combines relative bitrate with QoS priority, which applications may not want.

> In practice, Windows only permits setting the DSCP code point on a per-socket, not per-packet basis.

Can't you use QOSSetFlow? From MSDN:

> This function is also used to notify the QoS subsystem of a flow change: for example ... if the QoS priority value requires adjustment for transferring or streaming different types of content over a single persistent socket connection.

Or are there practical limits to this?

> Does any other OS enable per-packet marking?

I thought POSIX OSes do, by calling `setsockopt` with `IP_TOS` or `IPV6_TCLASS` before sending the packet.

But anyway: even ignoring the issues related to QoS and multiple congestion controllers, it sounds like we agree that the "1:2" ratios are too limiting, and that mixing this up with QoS is undesirable.

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