Re: [webrtc-pc] RTCPeerConnection constructor can fail - what error to return?

> more details are most likely not going to be helpful to the application anyway, as it doesn't have much control over the browsers resources directly.

Actually, if the creation fails for lack of resources - it would be pretty useful to know. I open several connections to peers to exchange data (with DataChannels) and it would be useful to know that we should not attempt to re-open the connection if opening it fails.

Specifically, it would be useful if the error described that since resources are exhausted a connection should not be opened again (until other connections are closed). 

If "Lack of resources" means out of memory in this case - I can't do anything useful anyway, but if it means another form of limitation it would be useful to know to not attempt creating another connection.

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Received on Thursday, 30 November 2017 08:56:23 UTC