[webrtc-stats] Add per layer stats for SVC

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== Add per layer stats for SVC ==
In case of SVC, when sender can produces multiple spatial/quality layers, we would like to get video stats per layer. Video layer stats should include:
1. Video-related parameters of RTCMediaStreamTrackStats:
`unsigned long       frameWidth;`
`unsigned long       frameHeight;`
`double                   framesPerSecond;`
`unsigned long       framesSent;`
`unsigned long       framesReceived;`
`unsigned long       framesDecoded;`
`unsigned long       framesDropped;`
`unsigned long       framesCorrupted;`
`unsigned long       partialFramesLost;`
`unsigned long       fullFramesLost;`
2. Qp and loss-related parameters of RTCRTPStreamStats:
`unsigned long      firCount;`
`unsigned long      pliCount;`
`unsigned long      nackCount;`
`unsigned long      sliCount;`
`unsigned long long qpSum;`

Receiver's stats in case of SVC should be the stats of the highest layer it receives.

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Received on Monday, 20 November 2017 12:20:15 UTC