[webrtc-stats] Packets or frames discarded on send?

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== Packets or frames discarded on send? ==
Chromium's non-spec compliant getStats returns 
`googCandidatePair.packetsDiscardedOnSend` which are the "number of 
outgoing packets discarded due to socket errors" (a bit vague).

`RTCIceCandidatePairStats` has bytesSent and #172 discusses adding 
packetsSent (#173 similar discussion for `RTCTransportStats`). Should 
we also add `packetsDiscardedOnSend`?

If this makes sense as a per-frame counter instead, 
`RTCMediaStreamTrackStats` already has `framesDropped`on receive-side,
 it or similar could be used on the send-side.

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