Re: [webrtc-pc] Effect of a BYE on RtpReceiver.track

we want BYE to be sent if we're never going to use that SSRC again. So
 flipping .enabled shouldn't touch it. .ended is set from .stop, but 
we might want to resurrect it even then, so what do we do when

pc.addTrack(track1) => sender1

If the sequence

pc.addTrack(track1) => sender1

continues sending on the same ssrc, it seems that the first sequence 
should also do so, and thus we shouldn't be sending BYE on ended.

after a transceiver.stop() we're not going to use that SSRC again, so 
sending a bye then seems OK.
similar logic brings me to think that a BYE says "I'm not going to be 
talking to you on this ssrc again", so doing track.stop and firing an 
ended event seems sensible.

If we have examples in the wild of people doing BYE & then 
resurrecting the SSRC, this logic falls flat.

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Received on Wednesday, 18 January 2017 14:37:24 UTC