Re: [webrtc-stats] Consider making (aggregate) stats more accessible

@alvestrand the observation above is simply that existing API's 
require deep+manual instrumentation of each stream to collect the 
stats. Now, imagine you're a third party RUM vendor (e.g. Soasta, New 
Relic, Google Analytics), or a sister-team on a large project that's 
monitoring performance of the application.. In order to obtain the 
stats, via current APIs, would require modifying the deployed code 
and/or doing some rather invasive injection. This is the problem, that
 [performance timeline]( 
was designed to solve: a mechanism through which different subsystems 
can emit various perf-related metrics and events, and that subscribers
 can monitor to collect/aggregate/act on. 

So, my suggestion above is simply to consider if and where using this 
mechanism makes sense in the context of WebRTC stats.. Exposing 
metrics via perf timeline would enable the entire ecosystem of 
existing RUM vendors and telemetry scripts to get insights into WebRTC
 performance on their pages.

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Received on Thursday, 12 January 2017 03:08:02 UTC