Re: [webrtc-pc] strawman text to show how unverfieid media would work

@fluffy  Some clarifying questions: 

"The RTCRtpReceiver MAY discard this media or MAY buffer this media so
 that video key frames are not
lost. Once the SDP fingerprint is received, and the DTLS connection 
verified, any buffered media and media received after  is made 
available to the application."

[BA] How does the application developer know which of the above 
approaches an implementation has taken (e.g. whether it discards 
unverified media or buffers it)? 

"If the allowUnverifiedMedia attribute on the RTCRtpReceiver has been 
set to true, then up to 5 seconds worth of media is made available to 
the applications even if that media is received before the SDP 

[BA] Is the above trying to say that unverified media is buffered for 
up to 5 seconds and then made available once verification is 
completed?  Or is it trying to say that up to 5 seconds of unverified 
media is made available as it comes in?


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