Re: [webrtc-stats] Stat for likelihood of echo

"Likelihood of echo" has a similar problem to that of rates - it's a 
snapshot. "Over the last 10s" is useful but 10s is arbitrary. With 
using counters instead of rates the caller can decide which time span 
to look at - is there something analogous for likelihoods?

Can we have a `residualEchoLikelihoodCounter` that increases at a 
_rate_ of the likelihood of echo?
That is, if the average likelihood of echo is 50% over a 4 second 
window, the counter will increase by 2.0. The rate calculated is 

I don't think the user agent implementation even needs to be able to 
calculate likelihood of echo as a percentage. It's enough if the user 
agent is able to estimate whether or not there is echo. Even with a 
boolean true false, the rate could be 0 or 1.

Perhaps the only requirement should be that for any period of time 
there is echo detected by the user agent, the average increase in the 
echo counter should be at a rate [0.5, 1], and for any period of time 
there is not echo detected by the user agent the rate should be [0, 

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Received on Tuesday, 14 February 2017 14:53:29 UTC