Re: [webrtc-pc] Meta: auto-publish changes to the spec

The problem of review is a serious one, but is it really helped by 
batching up changes and reviewing them at intervals? If I were an 
editor in such a process, I imagine I'd put off all review until the 
joint reviewing session, and once there I'd not be inclined to ask for
 big changes, because by then I'd already feel bad and not want to 
delay any further, and I also wouldn't want to waste the time of my 
co-editors. (Not entirely hypothetical, I have been in similar 

How about just requiring review (and tests, please?) before merging 
any changes at all? If anyone needs to read all changes for legal 
reasons but wouldn't do the actual review, maybe take a daily run 
through open PRs and just comment with a boilerplate "I have read 
this" comment?

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