Re: [webrtc-stats] Stat for target and actual encoding bitrate

The actualEncBitrate should be computable from 

The googTargetEncBitrate should either be the same as 
RTCIceCandidatePairStats.availableOutgoingBitrate or the same as 
sum(RTCOutboundRTPStreamStats.targetBitrate) for all (video?) tracks, 
depending on how it's defined.

In either case, it should be computable from existing values, so I 
don't see a reason to add them.

(Once we have all the stats mentioned above wired up, we could write a
 test to run old and new stats against each other, checking that the 
stats (or the stats we can compute from them) are ~equal. If they 
aren't, we have the definitions wrong.)

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Received on Tuesday, 7 February 2017 14:12:27 UTC